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Business Plan Writing

Professional business plan writing that gets you noticed

A customized plan will focus your action and get you funded fast.

Michelle Andrishak Business Consultant

Need help turning your amazing idea into a viable business? A business plan can do that!

Whether you’re just starting, or growing, your business, you need a plan. A roadmap to keep you on track. A tool to grab the attention of banks, investors, and grant committees who read thousands of plans a year.

Quite simply, you need to stand out from the crowd.

With my professional writing services, your business plan will be customized to focus on your unique strengths in the marketplace. I take an innovative and personal approach to help you understand and articulate everything your business entails, both now and in the future. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to get funded and start running your business.

Words from my clients...

"She is the expert that delivers your roadmap to success."
Chiara from Rocky Mountain House, she is a happy client

Michelle is the best person to go to when it comes to building an awesome business plan that creates clarity and an action driven map for you to move forward”.

That, my Friend, it is a significant understatement! Let me tell you why! Within the first hour of our chat, Michelle pinned the major components of my business plan: a detailed customer Avatar, projections, SWOTs (if you are puzzled…. Trust me you are not alone!), unforeseen expenses, risks, and on and on. It felt like she was reading my mind; or even better: it felt like the project was actually her project, because she kept relentlessly asking critical questions (that I didn’t even think I would need to ask myself) and helped me finding a detailed answer to each.

Long story short: Within a week, I went from overwhelming and ugly chaos, to an ordered and completed plan that allows for vision and action! From a vague idea floating in my brain when I entered her office, I had a detailed roadmap that screaming: “IMPLEMENT ME NOW!” by the time I walked out. Amazing!

If, like me, you do not majored in business and marketing (even with a lot of school under your belt!), Michelle is your ONE-stop. To work with Michelle is an investment because the results arrive fats when you implement and take action! You will have a guideline that helps you create a vision for your dream and creates the momentum you need to invest energy, time, and resources to bring “your baby” to life.


Before working with Michelle, I had a very confused idea and zero clues on how to bring it to light. I tried repeatedly to do it by myself, but kept losing momentum because I didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to create clarity. With Michelle’s help, I was finally able to mode forward. She is the expert that delivers your roadmap to success and shapes your vision into reality.


Please, do not waste your time! Book a session with Michelle and see for yourself how your dream is mapped into reality.

Chiarastella Feder, Rocky Mountain House

What will your customized business plan include?

Along with describing your business and including all the key information lenders and investors look for in a business plan, I make sure you get noticed. No cookie-cutter templates here! This process will include all, or some, of the following:

Market Research

You need to know your target market and potential customers. Who are they? Why do they buy? Market research is the key to understanding the viability of your product or service, and we help you get answers.

Product Pricing

Let’s get those numbers right so you can start seeing the profit you want in your business! This includes a deep dive into your expenses as well as tapping into that market research we did.

Operational Planning

Where will your business be located? What will the day-to-day look like as you deliver your product or service, manage personnel, and maintain equipment and supplies? We’ll help you create an overview that will work in the present and allow room for growth

Go-To-Market Strategy

This is where the rubber meets the road. A plan is just a dream until you take action. I will help you create the exact steps you’ll take to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing? What’s working, or not working, for them? We will compare and help you create your unique corner of the marketplace.

Legal Compliance

Start your business off on the right foot with everything you need to know about the law. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your business can move forward, protected from unwanted legal action.

Financial Planning

We’ll use financial statements and research to write accurate projections that demonstrate how your business will bring in profits to not only continue operating but to repay your loans or pay out investors. 

Why Choose Michelle?

I believe there is more to you and your business than words on a page. When you choose to work with me, I bring my heart and soul to the table. Instead of filling in a template, I start a conversation to get to the root of your business, your motivation, and your inspiration.

Most importantly, I work with you to create your plan. That way, you know it inside out, and can pitch it and execute it with confidence. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to get funded and start running your business

Words from my clients...

"Michelle was professional and thorough in every aspect."
Cindy from MRWS, she is a happy client
MRWS logo

"We have engaged Michelle Andrishak as a business consultant and business/organizational plan developer for two large projects for our non-profit organization.


One project focused on the development of a feasibility study, market research, and complete business plan including financial projections to start a profitable social enterprise. The second project was the development of a business/organizational plan to support the development of a non-profit community support program.


Michelle was professional and thorough in every aspect of the work associated with projects and her deliverables were very impressive, filled with all the details needed to make competent business/organizational decisions and assist both management and board to move forward on the projects when the time/financing allows.


Her primary and second market research was impressive and that allowed us to assess the social and economical landscapes that may impact our projects, and her financial analysis and cost projections backed by real supplier quotes allowed us to assess the projects with great financial accuracy. If you are considering working with Michelle in any capacity, I would highly recommend you engage her services - she is trusted, more than competent, and a pleasure to work with"

Cindy Easton, MRWS

Meet Michelle Andrishak

I’m Michelle Andrishak. As a Certified Management Consultant and award-winning certified business coach, people call me a firecracker in leadership! I am passionate and personable, with strong leadership and organizational skills.

With over 23 years of experience in strategic planning, operational planning, and budget development, I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to impact entrepreneurs and individuals for the better. My goal is always to see my clients win, in business and life.

Call me for a complimentary conversation about how I can provide trusted expertise and an objective eye to help guide your business to a productive and profitable future!

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