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Strategic and Operational Planning

for innovative, action-oriented organizations

Customized to deliver the results you need.

Michelle Andrishak Business Consultant

Align your leadership and organization around a clear strategy

From your vision, mission, and values to your future goals, you need your whole team on board. Without a clear strategic and operational plan, your organization will be disjointed, lacking unified priorities and strong leadership.

With the right process, you can foster a productive team environment characterized by collaboration. After clearly assessing where you are and creating a vision of where you want to be, we’ll craft a strategy and plan of implementation.

Your organization will be...


Your actions will match your goals. Every team member will buy into the values and strengths of the organization. You’ll know what you need to do to be successful. You are all in.


Your leaders will be passionate about leading a team who wants to be there. Even disagreement fuels healthy discussion and forward movement. You pull in the same direction.


Your whole team will know your vision and the plan of action to get there. It will be easy to pinpoint ineffective processes and come up with a new solution. You want the same outcome.

Words from my clients...

"Michelle is a firecracker of knowledge and wisdom."
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"I have worked with Michelle for over two years beginning with a full day business intensive. I left that day with a clear vision and feeling more inspired than I had in years. Michelle really took the time to listen while adding her own “golden nuggets” to my plan.

I had taken many workshops and read so many business books but most of my strategic planning had been done through trial and error until that point which had left me exhausted, unclear, and stagnant. I took the plan we created that day, implemented the systems we developed, and within a year moved from "Chief of Everything" in my business to feel like a real CEO with six-figure sales.

I booked a second business intensive day with Michelle and I'm now building my second successful business. The only regret I have was not reaching out to her sooner.

Michelle is a firecracker of knowledge and wisdom but she delivers it in the most supportive and caring way."

Kari Lotzien - Occupational Therapist

The Strategic Planning Process

You know your business, but sometimes you need a trusted third party to ask the right questions and facilitate an effective strategy moving forward. That’s where I come in. My extensive consulting experience across a wide range of industries means I can customize your planning process to best suit your team's needs and culture.

Here’s what it looks like...


We’ll start by taking an objective look at where you are now. This is an important step in deciding what you’ll aim for and how you’ll get there. By looking at everything from financial statements to market reports, customer feedback to employee performance reviews, we will establish a snapshot of your present situation before we move forward.


With your current position and future vision established, it’s time to create a strategy to get you from here to there. We’ll lay out the means and methods you’ll adopt to meet your goals. Your strategic plan will act as a roadmap, giving you clarity in your organizational decision-making process. It will allow you to see what will move you toward your goals and what will not.


Where do you want to be? We will talk about the mission and aspirational vision you have for your organization within a given timeframe, usually the next 10 years or more. This is the long-term picture that reveals your desired future success grounded in your values.


Finally, we’ll create a set of clear tasks that will help you follow your strategic plan. Also known as an operating plan, this is where we break your roadmap down into specific actions: what will get done, when, and by whom. While your strategic plan can outline your next 3-5 years, your operating plan will need to be revisited more often as you reassess and adjust accordingly.

Words from my clients...

"Michelle came prepared, with a plan for the day."
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Kim Free from Sundre Daycare Centre, she is a happy client

As a board member for a non-profit organization, we recently hired Michelle to lead us through a strategic planning day. Michelle came prepared, with a plan for the day, all the supplies needed, and a positive attitude to pull us through!


One of the most impressive moments was when she noticed a slight rift between the Executive Director and the board. With poise and sensitivity, Michelle clarified the roles of the board and the director and worked to ease the tensions between the two.


After the session, Michelle sent a post-session package, complete with a workable budget, goals spreadsheet, and more. I can confidently say that Michelle’s guidance helped the non-profit move from in debt, struggling, and unsure of roles & responsibilities to “in the black”, confident, and successful. Thank you, Michelle!

Kim Free
Sundre Daycare Centre

Why hire a professional for your strategic and operational planning processes?

No matter where you are in business, you will benefit from having a trusted advisor who brings outside expertise. When we work together, you’ll be able to leverage my experience and knowledge in the following ways:

  • Clarify leadership roles and responsibilities by understanding individual strengths.

  • Identify market opportunities and create action steps to take advantage of them.

  • Recognize inefficiencies in processes or operations.

  • Develop strategies to streamline your organization for greater success.

  • And so much more!

Meet Michelle Andrishak

I’m Michelle Andrishak. As a Certified Management Consultant and award-winning certified business coach, people call me a firecracker in leadership! I am passionate and personable, with strong leadership and organizational skills.

With over 23 years of experience in strategic planning, operational planning, and budget development, I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to impact entrepreneurs and individuals for the better. My goal is always to see my clients win, in business and life.

Call me for a complimentary conversation about how I can provide trusted expertise and an objective eye to help guide your business to a productive and profitable future!

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Michelle Andrishak sitting at her desk

Words from my clients...

"I highly recommend her for non-profit planning."
fcss logo.jfif
Andrea from FCSS in Rocky Mountain House, she is a happy customer

Michelle was able to engage my entire board during the strategic planning process. Her excellent facilitation skills kept everyone focused, productive, and having fun!


I highly recommend her for non-profit planning and development sessions. Her for-profit background lends itself to a unique perspective, especially when combined with her big heart for community work.

Andrea Vassallo
FCSS Manager, Town of Rocky Mountain House

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