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Corporate Training & Team Building

for healthy business growth and synergy

Interactive workshops to motivate, engage, and inspire your organization to greater levels of success.

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Create a winning team culture based on strength and communication

Imagine if, as a business owner and leader, you could hire the right employee for the job on the first try. Every team member feels valued for their skills and empowered to reach their potential. Workplace conflicts are minimal because everyone has the tools and insight to diffuse the situation before it becomes a problem.

Sound impossible? It’s not!

I offer highly informative and interactive Colours Workshops to help your entire organization work together efficiently by addressing personality styles, conflict resolution methods, employee and customer growth and retention strategies, and so much more.

Bring your whole team together, from your newest hire to your top leadership, and learn how your differences can truly be your strengths.

Words from my clients...

"I highly recommend this workshop."
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I attended Michelle's Colours Workshop and it was fantastic! Michelle does a fabulous job of engaging the group... and giving you a real sense of what each color needs in regard to communication. It was extremely helpful to our office; we are all different colors and the workshop helped us to understand each other’s styles better.


More specifically it helped me better understand myself and why I handle situations the way I do. I highly recommend this workshop for any aspect of your life whether work, relationships, or friendships.

Jessica Seitz

Rocky Volunteer Hub Manager

What are Colours Workshops?

As human beings, our personalities are unique. They make us who we are, and heavily influence how we see ourselves and others. So much interpersonal conflict comes from not really knowing ourselves or how we relate to the people we interact with.

By looking at different personality traits, strengths, and stressors, and grouping similar traits together into four main colours, patterns start to emerge.

In my Colours Workshops, you’ll discover not only the how and why of your responses to others in your organization. You’ll also learn:

  • Solid team-building tools,

  • Effective conflict resolution strategies,

  • Expanded interpersonal and relationship skills,

  • And more!

A Taste Of Colours

Time - 90 minutes

Your team will complete individual colours assessments and learn the basic characteristics of each personality type. This is a great overview to help each attendee better understand themselves and their coworkers. They will leave with a deeper awareness of how their personality type typically acts and reacts.

Basic Colours in the Workplace

Time: 3.5 hours

Each attendee will begin by completing an individual colours assessment and learn the basic characteristics of each personality type. Then we will come together for group exercises to identify and communicate the strengths that each colour brings to the workplace and what causes each colour stress. We’ll touch briefly on how "colour conflicts" might arise in the workplace due to a lack of understanding about how each personality type processes thoughts, feelings, and works in different ways. The goal of this workshop is to create awareness of how different personalities tend to interact, and to inspire your organization to see the strengths of each member.

Advanced Colours in the Workplace

Time: 5.5 hours

This workshop takes it to the next level. After going over the basics, as in the other workshops, I help facilitate a deeper understanding of how your team can use colours to create a better, more harmonious workplace, overcome conflict, and identify specific ways they can build each other up. Each colour has a bright side (encouraging positive behaviour) and a dark side (negative, destructive behaviour), and we will address both sides and their behaviours in this program.

Meet Michelle Andrishak

I’m Michelle Andrishak. I’ll be your Colours Workshop facilitator. 

As a Certified Management Consultant and certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator, people call me a firecracker in leadership! I am passionate and personable, with strong leadership and organizational skills.

With over 23 years of experience in strategic planning, operational planning, and budget development, I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to impact entrepreneurs and individuals for the better. My goal is always to see my clients win, in business and life.

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Michelle Andrishak sitting at her desk

Words from my clients...

"We learned so much about ourselves."
Jana from Rocky Community Learning Council, she is a happy client
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I have attended Michelle's Colours Workshop and it was fabulous. Our office staff took the "workplace" session. We learned so much about ourselves, each other and what makes others tick.


Although we got along great before, we now understand each other much better and forgive the "little things". Thanks Michelle! I look forward to another workshop.

Jana Thompson

Rocky Community Learning Council

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