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“Our experience has been nothing short of 5 Stars."
Customer testimonial from Andi Dawson of Are You Social
Customer testimonial for Michelle Andrishak

My business partner and I recently met with Michelle to discuss our business goals and our experience has been nothing short of 5 Stars. As we continue growing our team and expanding our services to provide our clients with more value, Michelle has been instrumental in not only helping us shoot for the stars but keeping us firmly grounded in a SMART action plan tailored to our organization's unique needs and goals. Her no BS approach leaves us no room for excuses, holding us accountable and transparent to our objectives. Bonus: she's both kind and hilarious, so facing your challenges head-on is a positive experience rather than a nightmare. Thank you so much, Michelle! We can't wait to crush the next stage in our business journey.

Andi Dawson

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Discover your untapped potential

I work with bold and success-driven business owners and leaders who want to transform their organizations and the way their teams operate by creating customized and strategic business solutions.

I’ve developed each of my customized solutions to support movers and shakers like you to successfully navigate transformational change. From shifting team culture to developing leaders, articulating core values to increasing profitability, I’ll bring the expertise you need to make it happen.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or leader who wants to tap into your organization’s full potential to grow and dominate your industry, let’s start with a conversation.

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Business Building Services

Business consulting to help business owners crush their obstacles and achieve success

Business Consulting

As an entrepreneur, are you ready to crush your obstacles and scale your business? Discover how an objective expert can help you clarify your goals and create a roadmap to get you there while providing accountability essential to your success.

Business plan writing

Business Plan Writing

A professional business plan will help you succeed in two major ways. First, you’ll stand out from the crowd and get noticed – by investors, lenders, and grant committees. And second, you’ll have a basic action plan as you start and scale your business.

Strategic and structural planning for business owners and entrepeneurs

Strategic & Operational Planning

I work with you to assess your current situation, create a vision for the future, and design the strategy and day-to-day operations needed to propel your organization to success. We’ll uncover what is and isn’t working and build a future you can get excited about!

Training and team building

Team Building & Training

I work with leaders who want to transform the team culture within their organization. By identifying personality styles, strengths, and stressors, you will improve communication, foster higher performance, and generate deeper employee engagement.

Hi, I’m Michelle Andrishak…

Do you get fired up talking about your organization, your team, and your impact? Me too!

If we could chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, I bet you would passionately tell me all about why you started your business, and your dreams for the future.

I know you’re a change-maker, a visionary, and you want to succeed, not just for yourself but for everyone your success impacts.

I know because that’s who I am, too. As a Certified Management Consultant and award-winning business coach with more than 23 years of strategic planning and business planning experience, I’m passionate about helping bold business leaders grow, expand, and tap into their full potential. I never shy away from an opportunity to make success happen for my clients. In fact, people call me a firecracker in leadership!

With the beautiful Canadian Rockies in my backyard, I’m proud to be locally recognized for my contributions to the business community. I was awarded the 2016 Red Deer & District Community Foundation’s Woman of Excellence Award in the business and professions category, among other nominations and awards. It’s true that accolades are wonderful, but my goal is always to see my clients and fellow entrepreneurs win, in business and life.

Call me for a complimentary conversation about how I can provide trusted expertise, accountability, and an objective eye to propel your business to a productive and profitable future!

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